About us

BlueFish is held 3. - 5. of September in Ålesund, and is a national and international arena that aims to gather contributors in the fishing industry. Visitors to BlueFish will meet exhibitors who offer goods and services to all sides of the fishing industry. In addition, we have interesting lectures and seminars at the trade fair with contributions from several of our major partners.


















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Mail us at  or call us:

Project manager Monica Isaksen               TLF +47 476 21 538
CEO Geir Østensen                                       TLF +47 922 47 849
Opr. manager Rolf Ivar Østensen              TLF +47 959 41 914 
Chairman of Board John Breivik                 TLF +47 926 50 581


The company behind BlueFish is:
ArenaNorway AS
6002 Ålesund

Org.nr 918 364 080 MVA