DK Transportbaand is attending BlueFish Expo 2023

DK Transportbaand is manufacturer of stainless steel -and modular conveyor belts, primary focused on the food processing industry. All our conveyor belts are custom designed and engineered to meet the specifications of your application, thereby ensuring the highest quality and durability!

As all our conveyor belts are custom designed and engineered, DK Transportbaand is able to provide a wide range of conveyor belts and customization options for especially the fish industry. 

C.C.JENSEN A/S and Øwre-Johnsen is attending BlueFish Expo

Øwre-Johnsen has been delivering operational financial solutions for over 70 years.

We are a competence-based trading company that sells quality products with a focus on good solutions and lasting gains for our customers. Our composition of areas, and interaction between them, ensures you a better adapted and more affordable solution than if you buy the subjects separately.

Cut Costs on Oil Maintenance!

C.C.JENSEN A/S designs and manufactures CJC Offline Oil Filters, Marine Diesel & Lube Oil Purifiers and Desorbers for all kinds of oil systems in the fishing industry, such as injectors, fuel pumps, cranes, winches, gears, thrusters, stern tubes, valves, bow thrusters, diesel engines etc., for removal of particles, oil degradation products and water from diesel fuel, hydraulic, lube and gear oils.

The most common reason for engine failure is contaminated diesel. The contamination could lead to a large number of problems – ranging from wear and tear, cavitation damages, corrosion, clogged filters and ultimately to a complete engine stop.  Microorganism – also known as diesel bug, very often causes the contamination of diesel.  Diesel bug is a result of microorganism in the diesel.

Maintaining oil and diesel fuel clean, you prolong the lifetime of your equipment and avoid expensive breakdown. Furthermore, you achieve fewer oil changes. All contributing to financial savings.


Port of hirthals is attending BLUEFISH EXPO 2023!

Hirtshals Harbor has a central location near Norway and some of Europe's best fishing spots.

The fishing activities at the harbor are the center around various fish species, and harbors form the framework for significant activities in both salmon and pelagic/demersal fisheries. The port has facilities for landing, handling, further processing, sales and transport.

In addition to the fishing industry, Hirtshals Harbor is also home to a large cluster of maritime service companies. Originally based on servicing the fishing fleet, the service sector at the port is today a well-developed cluster of companies, covering all parts of maritime service for supply vessels, fishing vessels, cargo ships, naval vessels and ferries.

All4Recycle IS attending BLUEFISH EXPO 2023 🐟

All4Recycle is a modern Waste Company that specializes in selling waste recycling machinery and buying and selling valuable recycled raw material from used fish boxes, insulation material, packaging, carbon, plastic and other waste fractions.

Director Lars Steffensen started HAWFISK 20 years ago – HAWFISK is a large fish acquisition company that distributes fish worldwide.

Through his experience at HAWFISK, Lars experienced that a huge amount of EPS fish boxes was thrown away after only one use. This waste of a recyclable resource became the starting point for the company.  

The vision of All4Recycle is to handle EPS as part of a sustainable and circular economy – which benefits the oceans, the climate, and the customers’ economy.

Recycling contributes to the reduction of marine pollution and landfilling. Additionally, it re-uses valuable resources and has documented considerable CO2-savings compared to production of virgin plastics.


Cosmos Trawl A/S IS attending BLUEFISH EXPO

Cosmos Trawl A/S is the biggest netmaker in Denmark, with branches in Hirtshals, Skagen, Thyborøn, og Hanstholm. We have more than 100 years’ experience in developing, producing, and maintaining quality fishing gear for the Scandinavian fleet. We deliver total solutions to big and small vessels, such as Fly shooting, danish seines, shrimptrawl, whitefish trawls, pelagic trawls, T-90 bags, grids, wire, trawldoors, hardware, gillnet, pots, hooks, rope, etc.  we repair trawls in our net lofts, or on the dock where the ship is. Cosmos Trawl is part of Hampidjan Group.

Notkajen 2, Hirtshals Tlf.: 98 94 19 77, ,


Trykkluftservice Is attending BlueFish eXpo

HAWFISK IS Attending BlueFish Expo 2023

Hawfisk - Fish from Denmark World wide

We at Hawfisk are your trusted partner, when it comes to buying at the auctions in Denmark.

When you buy at the fish auctions, through us, you enter an atmosphere characterized by transparency, expertise and integrity. Our experienced team ensures that you get the right fish in the right quality and price level.

At Hawfisk we are a full-service company:

  • we are physical presence at the fish auctions in Hanstholm, Hirtshals, Strandby and Skagen
  • we take care of the acquisition
  • we assure the fish is packed, handled correctly and professional so it is delivered in good condition
  • we guarantee that the fish constantly are cooled down until reception.
  • we ensure that the fish are loaded gently and are ready to be transported to you in the right and agreed time
  • we help finding a proper carrier to your destination.
  • we take care of all the necessary paperwork
Find more info at – phone Alex +45 22536344 or Lars +45 21143737

SIKA Footwear is attending!

Sika Footwear develops, manufactures and supplies safety shoes and work footwear for a wide range of industries, users and needs. The range is wide, and includes everything from shoes, clogs and sandals to booties, boots and accessories. Sika Footwear is a Danish company that took its first baby steps in 1870. It is not the case that age automatically equals quality, but it is hard to argue against 150 years of knowledge and refinement. Today, we use that knowledge to develop our own products from scratch, and to select and market the best brands on the market.

Come and visit us at stand F4.7 and have a non-binding chat about boots and safety shoes, the working environment and safety in the workplace.

At the stand you will be presented with a selection of DUNLOP boots and SIKA safety shoes, which have been specially developed for the food and fishing industry.


DEIF Is attending BlueFish Expo 2023

DEIF develops and manufactures a full line of reliable, compatible, and flexible electronic control devices. Our leading application knowhow supports integrators, OEMs, and asset owners in designing and operating scalable, energy-efficient, and sustainable power solutions for an energy sector in transition. Our devices can be used for a wide range of applications, including hybrid power on land and at sea, wind turbine retrofit and optimization, power rental, critical power, power and energy management, and bridge instrumentation. Headquartered in Denmark and present in more than 50 key markets all over the world, we provide local assistance anywhere, and through close and honest long-term collaboration, we help our partners and customers sustain and grow their business.


A.Oksnes As Yrkesklær og Profil IS attending

All the workwear you need!


Billett SALGET STARTER 21.06.2023

Det er begrenset med plasser i foredragshallen. Det gjelder å være først ute for å sikre seg plasser!

Programmet er lagt ut. Vær obs på at det kan komme endringer.

Political debatt with host Pål Bakke!


FISHINg Minister of NOrway ARE opening the Expo

World renowned jazz group The Brazz Brothers and The Fishery Minister of Norway are opening BlueFish Expo on the 5th of September. 


Normex AS is attending BlueFish Expo 2023


Furene AS Is attending BlueFish Expo 2023


Learn about Ulmatec:


Akdeniz Shipyard Is attending BlueFish Expo 2023🐟

Akdeniz Shipyard was established in 2007, in the Ceyhan-Yumurtalık region in the south of Türkiye. With a total area of 175,000 m2, the shipyard offers shipbuilding, repair and maintenance services. Within the private sector, Akdeniz Shipyard is the largest shipyard in Türkiye and the eastern Mediterranean in terms of area and capacity.

Akdeniz Shipyard has been awarded by ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 14001:2015 – ISO 45001:2018 – ISO 18001:2007 – ISO 3834-2:2007 certificates. Its entire production process has been audited by a classification society and certified.

The shipyard is located on Iskenderun Gulf, a strategic point for Mediterranean transit ship traffic, allowing it to provide repair and maintenance service in the most efficient time and cost for vessels. Moreover, ship repair work is by nature labor intensive, which provides a competitive advantage to developing economies such as Türkiye that have an abundant supply of low-cost labor.

With its lifting capacity of 820 tones, Akdeniz Shipyard’s latest investment makes it a key player in the repair and maintenance market in the Mediterranean, in addition to the newbuilding market.


Ekornes Is attending BlueFish Expo 2023🐟



Bredgaard Boats Is attending Bluefish Expo 2023



MArport Norge As is attending BlueFish Expo 2023 🐟

Marport designs and manufactures catch control and net monitoring sensors, echo sounders, current profilers and sonar for the world's fishing fleet.


Tyrholm & Farstad is attending BlueFish Expo 2023!  

The logical choice for logistics.
We aim to be the most complete logistics partner in Norway’s Møre og Romsdal County. We can handle almost anything logistics-related. And with goods to and from Møre og Romsdal as our starting point, we operate both nationally and internationally.




Duwel Group is attending BlueFish Expo 2023 🐟



Fiskeridirektoratet is attending BlueFish Expo 2023 🐟


Surofi - Sunnmøre og Romsdal Fiskesalslag is attending BlueFish Expo 2023



X-Partner Møre As is attending BlueFish Expo 2023 🐟

Going to have warm coffee to all visitors during the expo.



AON AS is attending BlueFish Expo 2023


Anolytech AS is attending Bluefish Expo 2023



Good News - Partnership with SUNNMØRSPOSTEN



Good news - partnership with Sparebanken Møre

Hg Group is attending Bluefish Expo 2023


Converto as is attending Bluefish Expo 2023


GLAMOX is attending Bluefish Expo 2023

Glamox is a Norwegian industrial group that develops, manufactures and distributes professional lighting solutions for the global market.


Pictures of boats equiped with Glamox lighting solutions

The green boat is M/S Seir, own by Seir AS on Grytastranda. The other two pictures are of «Leif Helge», a fishing boat owned by Hekkingen Fiskeriselskap AS.



FILTRA AS is attending Bluefish Expo 2023


Piscator is attending Bluefish Expo 2023

Piscator Mannskap Appen is a solution we are proud to present.


Pictures of Piscators marketing division out meeting customers around Norway.

Get to know Piscator.




Before and after pictures from RSW fishtank.


SERVI ULSTEINVIK is attending bluefish expo 2023

Picture of to salesmen, from left  Hans Ole Låbakk and Ruben Werkland

Skipsutstyr AS is attending BLUEFISH EXPO 2023

SKIPSUTSTYR A/S  is a Norwegian manufacturer and distributor of marine lighting. We specialize in high performance bowlights, marine searchlights and floodlights using the latest LED, HMI and Xenon light technology through our high-end brand POLARLIGHT made in Norway, manufactured and recognized for more than 20 years.

Our products meets the highest quality standard in the industry through a continuos focus on product development based on customer requirements. Our customers are shipyards, shipowners and product agents all around the world.


HL.Skjong AS is attending BlueFish Expo 2023



HYTORC NORGE AS is attending to BLuefish Expo 2023




We chose to attend this fishery expo because we are a local company here in Ålesund,
and we sell bearings and transmission parts and comprise machined parts to the maritime industry and fishery industry in our country.

We have attended this expo since it was started back up in 2017, and we want to support the expo.

After the Bluefish Expo 2022, we had some leads. We also met with our loyal customers.



CEMRE SHIPYARD / CEMRE TERSANESİ is attending BlueFish Expo 2023

TEknoTHERM is attending BLUEFISH EXPO 2023

in the picture : Petter Kåre Grytten (left) and Torfinn Torp


Bunker oil is Attending Bluefish expo 2023





Furuno Norge as is attending Bluefish expo 2023

When asked why they are coming to BlueFish Expo, Furuno answered:

We attend because this is where we meet alot of our fishery customers face to face. We get the oppurtunity to show our new and relevant products.
Where they can try it themselvs, ask us questions, and we get good dialouges. Furthermore we build a good relation with our customer at our evening event which has now become a tradition.

We look forward to seeing Furuno Norge AS at BlueFish Expo 2023.






New sales manager:

From 20th of October 2020 ArenaNorway has hired Pål Nes as contact point to exhibitors BlueFish.
He has over 20 years experience in B2B market, especially within finance and insurance, and we are looking forward to get him on board.